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Auto Accident Care


Duluth Chiropractic Acupuncture Clinic can help you to recover from auto accident injuries through chiropractic care, including injuries which, if left untreated, can turn into long-term problems.

Auto accidents are an unfortunate aspect of life. Injuries resulting from auto accidents can range from minor abrasions to more severe injuries like whiplash and acute low back pain.

Untreated auto accident injuries can lead to chronic problems

If left untreated, injuries from auto accidents can lead to chronic problems like headaches, neck pain, numbness and tingling, dizziness, insomnia, low back pain, sciatica and a whole host of other problems. Once chronic, these physical problem become very difficult to treat—sometimes necessitating surgery. Fortunately, there is a solution—safe, natural chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care is exceptional in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, especially of the spine. 

One of the most stressful events in life is dealing with the issues that occur after an auto accident. The first thing a person thinks about after the crash is the car. Most people are not aware that some injuries are not detected for months or even years. Two things result in these situations: an insurance company settles with the victim without compensating for the pain and treatment needed from these undiagnosed injuries, and the injury gets worse over time due to the lack or delay of treatment.

It is absolutely imperative that anybody that is in an auto accident immediately seek the services of a chiropractor even after emergency room care. Doctors of Chiropractic are also known as an auto injury specialist because of their training in soft tissue injuries, they are chronic pain experts as well. This is especially important in severe whiplash cases. If you are ever in an auto accident call Dr. Kerew D.C. as soon as possible and she can immediately access your condition.

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It is often days or days or weeks later that the full impact of the crash is felt.

Due to our bodies producing adrenaline at the time of an accident, this hormone acts like a natural pain killer and allows us to muster the courage to move through the impact and "take care of business".  A trained doctor of chiropractic is essentially a car accident specialist and can be a brilliant source of diagnosis and treatment of whiplash back and neck injuries.

Often, passengers can be hurt more than a driver especially if it is a side wreck or T-bone and children can suffer the same injuries as adults. These little patients need to be given the same care despite a feeling by the parent that a child can't be "that injured" if no bones are broken or there is no bruising to the skin.  Put it this way:  if damage was done to a vehicle that actually bent metal, the people inside the car surely absorbed that force as well. 


Whiplash injuries occur when the body reacts to a deceleration/ acceleration force by hyperflextion or hyperextension of the neck.

Whiplash back or neck injuries are very common in car accidents. The pain is partially due to the fact that muscles do not have enough time to brace themselves. Uncomplicated cases of whiplash are the result of sprained ligaments in the neck; the muscles naturally spasm as a protective mechanism. Pain can originate in the neck or may travel down one or both arms resulting in neck, back or shoulder pain.

Severe whiplash can come with persistent, ongoing pain that lasts for a month or more. This pain may indicate that whiplash more extensively damaged and/or trapped the nerves.  Whiplash can also lead to discs rupturing in the neck or a "slipped" or herniated disc in the back.

It's more than just whiplash.

While whiplash back, neck and shoulder pain are common in auto accidents, another common complaint of crash victims is that they don't "feel like their normal selves." They may also experience other symptoms like dizziness, blurry vision, headaches, muscle stiffness or spasms, numbness and tingling, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, irritability, memory loss and difficulty concentrating.

Auto accidents can also cause post-traumatic osteoarthritis. This can damage your posture (producing a slumped or hump back appearance). Osteoarthritis can also cause the discs in the spine to degenerate and create scar tissue formation leading to chronic stiffness.

The reason people choose chiropractic care for treatment of injuries sustained in auto accidents is simple - chiropractic care is exceptional in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, especially of the spine. Since the most common injuries associated with these events are sprains and strains of the spinal muscles and ligaments, it's only natural that chiropractic be the treatment of choice. Chiropractors are back pain experts trained specifically in dealing with injuries to the spine.

The statistics speak for themselves.

According to the Insurance Research Council, nearly 1/3 of all claimants injured in motor vehicle accidents seek treatment from doctors of chiropractic. That number is astounding when combined with the fact that the National Safety Council (NSC) has determined there to be more than 12 million accidents annually involving more than 20 million vehicles.
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Chiropractic evidence has also found people injured in auto accidents prefer this type of care for the treatment of their injuries. One such study* evaluated 190 whiplash trauma victims and found those who received chiropractic care reported treatment satisfaction of 100%.

An article published in the Journal of Orthopedic Medicine in 1999 pointed to the superiority of Chiropractic care for patients suffering from long term whiplash. The authors of the article noted that a previous study had shown that 93% of patients with chronic whiplash benefited from Chiropractic care.

In the authors' own study, they interviewed 100 consecutive Chiropractic referrals of patients with chronic whiplash. Their results also showed that of the 93 patients who remained in the study, 69 of them showed a 74% noticeable improvement with regards to decreased pain syndromes.

The researchers concluded that, "The results from this study provide further evidence that chiropractic is an effective treatment for chronic whiplash symptoms."

In addition, x-rays or MRI (if indicated) will be used to check for any structural damage. In our office, we routinely evaluate auto accident victims and make any appropriate referrals to other health care providers if necessary. Our primary responsibility is providing the proper care and submitting the required medical reports to the insurance company or attorney (if one is involved) so the rights of the patient are protected.

Often times, an individual does not see a medical professional or file a claim to their auto insurance carrier for fear of their premiums going up. It is essential that each person know their rights when they are in a car accident. If the auto policy covering the vehicle has med-pay, every person in the car has medical coverage regardless of fault.

In most cases with the use of med-pay, a personal injury attorney is not required. The insurance policy will cover most or all costs. This will only happen if medical assistance is sought immediately after the accident though.

If we can't help the patient, we will refer them to a doctor or facility that can. If you have been in an auto accident recently, there are some important decisions you have to make, and it is critical to make the first decision be to be evaluated by a doctor of chiropractic and get under care immediately.

Dr. Kim, D.C. is pleased to work with your attorney, in the event that you suffer injuries in an accident for which you need legal representation. If you need a recommendation for an attorney, please call our office: (770) 456-5456.

* Balla JI, Iansek R. Headaches arising from disorders of the cervical spine. In: Hopkins A, ed. Headache: Problems in Diagnosis and Management. London: WB Saunders; 1988. 

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